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Semester Course Schedule

Registration Help: Please review the registration resources posted on the Registrar's site, and on the Advisement and Transition site.

You may select from a number of options below to search for courses offered within a given term.
Select a semester/term: Fall Term 2016 (Aug-29-2016 to Dec-16-2016)

Summer Term 2016 (May-18-2016 to Aug-01-2016)
  • Session 1 (May-18-2016 to Jun-22-2016) : _1_ section numbers

    • A: First 2.5 Weeks (May-18-2016 to Jun-06-2016) : _A_ section numbers

    • B: Second 2.5 Weeks (Jun-07-2016 to Jun-22-2016) : _B_ section numbers

  • Session 2 (Jun-27-2016 to Aug-01-2016) : _2_ section numbers

    • C: First 2.5 Weeks (Jun-27-2016 to Jul-13-2016) : _C_ section numbers

    • D: Second 2.5 Weeks (Jul-14-2016 to Aug-01-2016) : _D_ section numbers

Spring Term 2016 (Jan-25-2016 to May-13-2016)

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